Clinical Enhance's main practitioner, Anne D'Mello, is a registered nurse of some forty years experience who has undertaken specialist training in the art and science of delivering a range of clinical anti-aging treatments. She works closely with Harley Street cosmetic consultants and has trained in the administration of dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction injections. You can be assured of the highest standards of clinical care. Consultations are free and costs are inclusive of follow up appointments.

What is Aesthetic Cosmetics?

Whether we agree with this or not, we all know that how we look affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. However, as we age, our skin loses elasticity and together with the damage caused by sun and simply by life in general, we start to show our age in many ways including those tell tale facial lines and wrinkles. Over time our skin also produces less hyaluronic acid, a key substance which plumps out skin and keeps us looking fresh young and healthy. Together with years of frowning and other facial muscle actions, those lines begin to become annoyingly obvious and can give us that "tired and worried" aging look we often do not recognise as "me" when we look in the mirror.

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